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This Wiki is about the Dinsey Channels Movie "Girl Vs Monster, staring Olivia Holt, Luke Benward and Katherine McNamara. Plot is about a young girl called Skylar who finds out that her parents are monster hunters on Halloween. After she accidentally releases some monsters out for revenge, she and her scary-cat friends must recapture all the monsters and also overcome there fears. The movie has romance, comedy, action, plus singing and dancing from Olivia Holt, Luke Benward and Katherine McNamara. This wiki has been made to delve deeper into the meanings of the characters, so let the Wiki begin!

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Olivia holt

Olivia Holt as "Skylar"

Facts you did know? Facts your didnt know? Facts you knew but were wrong? Random facts here! Girl Vs Monster is awesome!
  1. Release date in Usa was 12 October 2012
  2. Olivia Holt quote "Singing is my first love, so being able to do both in this film was so great"
  3. It was filmed in Vancouver
  4. The first showing had over 5.6 million viewers
  5. Luke sings "Had Me At Hello on his own, and with Olivia!
  6. Olivia sings 3 songs in the movie!


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Luke Benward as "Ryan"

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